caregiver and elderly man

Private Duty Nursing

Our Private Duty Nurses’ main responsibility is to facilitate and supervise a care plan that fits your home and healthcare needs. We have compassionate, trustworthy, and dependable paraprofessionals or health aides to carry out the services prescribed in the care plan.

To guide you, here are the Duties of our Private Duty Nurses:

  • Assess the patient’s medical history with the other healthcare providers such as Dietitians and Physicians
  • Day-to-day Patient interaction
  • Check and Record Vital signs
  • Administer Medications
  • Change Dressing, Contraptions, and Bandages
  • Supervise Range of Motion exercises
  • Facilitate Treatments and Remedies

If you think you know someone who can benefit the above-mentioned duties of our skilled nurses, call us at 808-762-7507.