elderly woman with her male caregiver


To ensure your safety at home, we will provide you with a warm and loving companionship. Our caregivers and aides at Island Pacific Care guarantee a convenient way of living by providing you with social, physical, and cognitive stimulation. We keep you engaged and active so you can live a happier and healthier life at home.

Our Companionship Care services include the following:

  • Traveling Companion
  • Playing Games
  • Reading Books
  • Light Chore work
  • Escort to Appointments
  • Accompany to Recreational Activities
  • Motivational Confidant

We can provide you with a caregiver who can accompany you in getting to-and-from your destination. Whether you need to travel around town, run errands, or go to your appointments and important events, we can accommodate to your transportation needs.

With our assisted transportation service, you are guaranteed to have a safe, secured and hassle-free travel before dealing with your appointments.

Speak to us now and let us know your transportation needs. For more details, call us at 808-762-7507.